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Filippo Luini & Giorgia Caboni
video + audio 3.12m

300 €

Luca Massaro
photograph 40x50cm framed

300 €

Pietro Mazza

139x150cm hand-cut 

300 €

Gluqbar Opening Sweater    NOT 4 SALE

The gallery/studio was born from the refurbishing of a former casting agency Toledo (1969-) from which we borrowed the engaging slogan in 80's “English“ for this celebrationtee and handover: Moreover, Toledo Model Actor Ag. provides an open door for people who have capabilities and desire to get upperhand in the image business.”

Seeing Double T-Shirt    NOT 4 SALE

from Metronom Modena Installation 2017

Seeing Double Cap   NOT 4 SALE

from Metronom Modena Installation 2017

Quasi-Quasi t-shirt    FREE Open Edition

from Matèria Gallery Installation Roma 2015

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Inception Google Tote Bag     10

from LDS Gallery Reggio Emilia Installation 2016

"Every artist should have a cheap line" - John Baldessarri